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Grand Rapids Nursing Homes

About Grand Rapids Nursing Homes

Thank you for visiting the Grand Rapids Nursing Homes page of The Eldercare Channel. Today’s aging population is faced with a wide range of important but tough decisions, as are the family members who care for them.  Among the toughest can be knowing what to do when the medical needs of a senior are too great for family members to perform.  Nursing homes can feel like a last resort, but a vast majority of today’s nursing facilities are excellent environments where both the emotional and physical needs of seniors can be well met. Taking the time to look into nursing homes is crucial before making any decision, and it is wise to speak with residents and staff members and to ask as many questions as possible.  Look at the various forms of care offered, and inquire about such things as physical therapy, memory care, and other skilled nursing.  You will also want to inquire about staff to patient ratios and the amount of experienced medical care available at all times.  With the right level of care and the right amenities, you can find a nursing home where your loved one will be happy and very well provided for. At The Eldercare Channel of West Michigan, we know that decisions like these are never easy.  Our video hosts Charles Cottrell and Catherine Jacobs of Cottrell & Jacobs offer the Eldercare Channel as a source for information and tips to help you know what to look for when seeking a nursing home, as well as to help you deal with many other issues affecting seniors and their loved ones.  We also offer a localized search feature that lets you obtain the names and contact information of nursing homes in your area with only a few quick keystrokes!

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