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Grand Rapids Assisted Living

About Grand Rapids Assisted Living

Grand Rapids assisted living is an important step for many of local seniors.  When aging within the family home is no longer an option, but the skilled medical care of a nursing home is not needed, transition into an assisted living facility can be an ideal choice.  These facilities range in size and type and typically work to offer seniors as much independence as they can safely maintain.  This means that whether your loved one simply needs help preparing meals and cleaning or requires assistance for the basic tasks of daily living; an assisted living facility can help. Choosing an assisted living facility can be daunting; our video hosts Charles Cottrell and Catherine Jacobs of Cottrell & Jacobs are here to help. Because these housing options differ so widely, background checks and onsite visits should be mandatory.  Take the time to look at living arrangements and communal areas alike, and speak with staff members and residents to see how they feel about life at the facility or home.  You should also inquire about the range of services offered in order to ensure that the facility will be able to meet your loved one’s future needs in addition to their current ones. Remembering everything that you should learn or ask when seeking assisted living can be stressful, but The Eldercare Channel of West Michigan has provided a wealth of information and tips on many important senior issues.  You will also find that we offer localized directories to help you find assisted living facilities and other important senior services right in your neighborhood!

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