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All About Hospice Care in Grand Rapids

Hospice care in Grand Rapids, MI is basically another word for comfort care we say and so when somebody has their disease and has gotten to the point where they have been told by their physician that they have six months or less, they have a terminal illness that they’ve been told that they have six months or less to live, so basically choosing more of the comfort care route versus the aggressive curative care route is when people choose hospice. So, hospice is really we say, it’s a philosophy of care versus it’s not particularly a place, but it’s a philosophy of care and hospice can be done where anybody calls their home.

So, it can be a hospital, a facility, in assisted living. It can also be done within somebody’s home or their children’s home, so where ever somebody calls their home. It’s a whole team of people coming in to care for the person who has chosen hospice for comfort care. We have a nurse that directs the plan of care, a social worker, a certified nurse aid, we also have a chaplain and volunteers, and then we also have therapies like music therapy and massage therapy. So, some additional therapies that we can help in.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit. It’s part of Medicare and it’s under the Medicare A benefit. So, the best way to kind of describe that to people when I meet with them for the first time is to let them know that hospice services are covered under Medicare A, so it’s something that somebody was maybe paid into all these years and it’s a benefit. If somebody goes into the hospital or if they’re, excuse me, doing rehab, that’s also a Medicare A benefit, but hospice is part of the Medicare A benefit. So, everything related to a diagnosis is covered. So, all of the services by the team that are coming in, any equipment that would be needed such as oxygen, hospital bed, wheelchair and then any medications related to the diagnosis as well would be covered, so all of that is covered under Medicare and then also some private insurances can cover that as well, but primarily Medicare is the primary pay source.